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You are an orphan and not rarely as a result of Aids. You can only hope and pray that somebody can take care of you and give you a place to stay and something to eat. You can only dream of going to school: Your first concern is how to survive.

This fate comes across many orphans and other vulnerable children in Kenya. In Kilifi, one of the poorest areas of Kenya, are many orphans and vulnerable children . One can find them in the rural areas, but also in town. They are often homeless, alone and lacking nutrition.
Going to school is out of the question for them because there is nobody around to pay for their uniform and school fees. There is also nobody to contribute to the building of classrooms to ensure them of a seat at the overfull school.


The Dutch Stichting Furaha, in English the Furaha Foundation, started the ’Kilifi Orphan Project’ to improve the circumstances of the orphans and vulnerable children in Kilifi.
The foundation works closely in cooperation with established co-workers in Kilifi, who have organized themselves in a CBO for the welfare of orphans in Kilifi. They have built up a network of contacts of local organizations in the immediate area.
With the ‘Kilifi Orphan Project’ the foundation first of all aims to provide the orphans with the basic needs to live, as

Water and food

Primary medical care

Support in direct circumstances of need


Secondly the foundation is building on their future by making education accessible for these children.
In order to achieve this the foundation helps to finance:

Classrooms and -furniture

Uniforms and school materials

Cooking facilities and canteens

Other necessary facilities

Because Stichting Furaha is of opinion that every year without education is a lost year for these children, we work with a sponsor programme to make it possible for them to go to school as soon as possible.
Our building plans are closely tuned in to the local situation, in order to have the community directly benefit from the plans.


Stichting Furaha does not leave these children to their fate. By providing the children with food and making education accessible the foundation opens a future for them. To let this future also be a healthy future in the long term, we attend to information and prevention of diseases like malaria, Aids, etc.
In this the foundation follows two paths:

Realization of information and prevention of diseases within school.

Achieving involvement of family or guardians of the orphans in the process of this informing and preventing.

We especially attend to prevent casting off orphans due to fear of Aids.
Because Kenya knows a taboo towards the issue of Aids, we work together closely with local partners. They know the language and are acquainted with the local habits to get the right opening to accomplish this aim.
Through the aims of the ‘Kilifi Orphan Project’ we build on a healthy future for these orphans for now and later.
In this way the foundation also helps these chanceless children to find a little happiness in life.

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Kiwandani in Kilifi,

field of activity of the

Kilifi Orphan Project


The Kilifi Orphan Project is implemented in the Kiwandani-area in Kilifi, a town in the south-east coast of Kenya, approx. 45 kilometers  north of Mombasa. Kilifi is one of the poorest areas of Kenya.


On our page “foto’s en video’s” you will find an impression of Kiwandani and our project.

Tekstvak: Furaha 
means “happiness” in Swahili
Stichting Furaha brings a little bit of happiness 
in the harsh life of orphaned and vulnerable children
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Through the small scale approach your contribution will directly benefit the orphans of the project.


· Through close contact with our co-workers on site all developments are followed and quickly being adjusted.


· Through regularly visits to Kilifi we offer the greatest guarantee that your contribution will be reached and spent as planned.


You can support us:


· by donating for our building plans at school

· by sponsoring for daily education and food for the children of the ‘Kilifi Orphan Project’

This page is a summary of the Dutch website. If you would like to know more about our project or our foundation, do not hesitate to contact us. You can do this by sending us an e-mail or using this form.

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